Build and manage decentralized financial portfolios, keeping risk assessment in focus.

We provide you with the key facts you need to know to make intelligent investment decisions. Thanks to the Non-Custodial Wallet technology, we put your or your client’s investments under your complete control.

Explore market-leading smart contracts with a single tool.

Decentralized exchanges

Exchange assets peer-to-peer without the need for an intermediary or broker.

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Atomic swaps

Exchange assets across network boundaries through smart contracts.

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Use your assets to increase the network’s decentricity and reap major rewards.

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Lending & loans

Easily transfer your investments to savings accounts and earn interest.

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Synthetic assets

Track the value of your synthetic asset and financial products or invest in a principal asset.

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Provide market liquidity

Markets cannot operate without liquidity. By providing it, you earn rewards.

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Regulated, insured, secure. We protect your assets, so you can invest with confidence

This is our promise. We work hard to make sure that your investments are protected from any kind of threat, or technical user error, to keep your assets secure.

Regulations *

  • FATF travel rule compliant
  • Money Transfer Regulation to cryptoasset transactions
  • Detecting and preventing malicious transactions and fraud
  • Anonymous record keeping
  • Customer due diligence

Insurance *

  • Risk hedging on a decentral and trustless basis
  • Protection against substantial risks like hacks and technical failures
  • Protection against financial risks like liquidity crises

Security *

  • Security checked by ICTswitzerland
  • Cybersecurity protected through the use of security audited smart contract platforms
  • Zero-knowledge server
  • Architecture with minimal presence of potential attack vectors

*We are currently in a start-up phase and are working hard to realize these promises.

Built with focus on user experience and usability

Early technologies are often complicated. Our mission is to change that and provide an easy-to-use tool that gives you everything you need for successful investing. Let us guide you through each step and show you how things work, from a financial and technical perspective.

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Get your piece of new & groundbreaking businesses

Decentralized finance is reshaping the financial industry as we know it. Join the movement today, and maximize your investment in a rapidly growing market.

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Do it intelligently

Buying and selling digital assets is just the first step. Don't wait for price movements. Make your assets work for you and generate further income. Discover the power of finance built using distributed ledger technologies.

$74.8 billions

Get the early adopter advantage

In 2021 the decentralized finances market capitalization is around $74.8 billion and continues to grow at a rapid speed. Take the chance now to be one of the first to get in on the ground floor of this highly promising market.